Pre-Harvest Testing and Requirements for Produce Growers

  • Exploring the significance and methodologies of evaluating growing fields before harvest to ensure produce safety and quality
  • Unveiling the tools we use to identify and mitigate potential risks at the growing field level, to minimize contamination and enhance food safety
  • The Why and How of implementing effective protocols for pathogen monitoring and early detection, reinforces prevention measures and overall produce safety
  • Establishing collaboration between growers, regulators, and researchers to harmonize preharvest assessment protocols and create a unified approach
  • Exploring how preharvest assessments influence the entire supply chain, from enhanced traceability to reduced recalls and consumer trust

Takashi Nakamura
VP, Corporate R&D and Food Safety
Fresh Del Monte

Current Role VP, Corporate R&D and Food Safety

PhD – Engineering , Purdue University

MBA – University of North Florida