Overcome Uncertain Times: Digitally Enabled Transformation to Drive Business and Workforce Success

Manufacturers around the world are facing big challenges during uncertain times. Workforce shortages, supply chain disruptions, asset downtime, production losses, a new focus on sustainability, and the race to Net Zero- the list is large and daunting. At the same time, the promises of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation have not reached the bottom line, leading to what some analysts are calling the “Transformation Chasm,” where lots of projects get started but reaching scale and value seems out of reach.

What if that chasm could be bridged? What if, instead of being stuck in a pilot program that does not address your challenges, you could actually drive business value using digital solutions?  Not just once but for every site you own, regardless of their current performance.

In this session, hear how Production Health enables companies to solve operational problems for the machines and processes they use to create products, transform the way their people work, and drive bottom line value across multiple business objectives- all at the same time. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • What is Production Health and how Machine Health serves as a fundamental pillar for driving organizational transformation.
  • An executive conversation with Nick Ott from Canfor on how his company addressed their challenges by partnering with Augury to drive machine health, enable workforce transformation, and scale quickly to achieve tangible business value.
  • A challenge for participants to look beyond Machine Health basics to achieve greater sustainability, workforce enablement, and profitability.

James Newman
Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing

James Newman is the Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing at Augury. He has 20+ years of experience across engineering, manufacturing, and technology adoption, James brings a customer-focused outlook to understanding how technology impacts organizational outcomes. James’ experience has spanned numerous industries, including energy, water, manufacturing, marine, mining; focused on understanding the real challenges within organizations and how digital solutions can augment and accelerate organizational and cultural transformation. James is a passionate evangelist for the power of transformation and has a passion for how digital adoption can improve worker’s lives while increasing value for the organizations they work for.

Nick Ott
Director, IT – CSP

Nick Ott is the Director of IT for Canfor Southern Pine. Nick has spent 15 of his 20 years in IT in the Wood Processing Industry. Throughout his IT career he has held positions responsible for System Development, Infrastructure Delivery, M&A, and Project Management.Nick has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of South Alabama. He lives in Mobile, Alabama with his wife and three children.

Augury helps eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize productivity for critical machines in industrial and commercial applications ranging from bottling and food processing to paper products and pharmaceuticals. Our Machine Health solutions combine advanced sensors with powerful AI capabilities and collaboration tools to help teams understand when machines are at risk. And we provide the expertise so customers know what to do to prevent failures- long before those risks can threaten production or productivity. To learn more about Augury’s Machine Health solutions, visit augury.com.