Now, Next and Beyond: Exploring the Future of Operational Excellence

  • Unprecedented convergence of disruptive forces requires a new way of thinking and fundamental shift in current approaches to Operational Excellence
  • Digital technologies offer the potential to transform Operational Excellence but results so far have been largely disappointing
  • Manufacturers need to pivot from a technology-first orientation and put people at the center of their digital transformation efforts
  • The future of Operational Excellence will be driven by the frontline manufacturing workforce, enabled, and empowered by digital augmentation technologies

Craig Lyjak

Craig currently serves as a Principal at EY, leading the global Manufacturing Transformation solution. He has 24 years of experience across operations, engineering, continuous improvement, and digital transformation from a combination of industry, including 16 years at Procter and Gamble and other consulting roles. Craig enables clients across sectors to successfully transform through the adoption of technology and new ways of working by empowering the workforce on the journey to zero loss. As the leader of the EY and P&G alliance he leads a team focused on innovating methods and tools to create more effective, efficient, and sustainable transformations.

EY is a global leader in Supply Chain and Operations consulting. We have successfully partnered with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for over 10 years to help our clients accelerate and de-risk their manufacturing transformation journeys.

The EY and P&G Alliance combines P&G’s proven manufacturing excellence know-how with EY’s execution capabilities and digital enablers. Together, we have helped our clients drive sustainable performance improvement in more than 450 factories.

We know what’s possible. Sustainable growth. Productivity improvement. Huge cost savings. Motivated employees. Consistent innovation to outperform the competition.

Our structured manufacturing program will help you make your ambitions a reality. Don’t settle for good when you can have excellence…Expect more!