Lessons Learned During FIS’ Three-Year Engagement Journey

  • Let another company’s lessons learned arm you with knowledge as you set out to measure employee satisfaction (eSat)
  • What we wish we knew when we started our engagement journey
  • Who should really own engagement at your company? Hint: It’s not HR

Kerry Schicker
Global Employee Engagement and HR Communications

Kerry Schicker is the global lead for HR outreach and connections for FIS, the largest provider of banking and payments technology solutions with 57,000 employees worldwide. She oversees communicating HR changes that impact the employee experience. She also manages HR communications including Chief People Officer announcements and visibility strategy, and manages the annual People Survey. Kerry has been with the Fortune 300 company for more than 11 years. She’s held a variety of positions at FIS including Director of Employee Engagement and Director of Corporate Communications. Prior to FIS, Kerry worked in a variety of industries including marketing, advertising, PR, magazine publishing, and started her career in television news as a reporter for several news outlets across Florida.

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