Get Your Data AI-Ready to Supercharge Your Planning and Retail Execution

  • Explore the AI and predictive analytic capabilities every consumer product company needs to improve forecast accuracy, boost revenue and margin, and reduce lost sales and excess inventory
  • Discuss the challenges that spotty visibility can lead to given constantly shifting consumer demand — POs dropping off, retailers not replenishing, inaccurate forecasts, etc. — and what to do about it
  • Examine why maintaining a clean, harmonized set of granular demand and inventory data across retailer POS, supply chain partners and ERP systems is a prerequisite for becoming AI-ready

Nick Ciminillo
VP of Solutions Engineering

Nick Ciminillo is the Vice President of Solutions Engineering at With over two decades of experience in technology and solution engineering, Nick spends most of his day working with our prospective customers understanding their challenges and pain points while demonstrating how the Alloy solution can be used to maximize business value.

Nick holds an MBA from Franklin University and has Supply Chain experience working with companies such as Oracle, Kinaxis and Relex.