Generative AI and Supply Chain Transformation

  • How the democratization of AI technology is unlocking new benefits in the world of supply chain
  • What makes this AI wave different from others
  • Exploring ways to deploy generative AI in our businesses

Mike Bassani
General Manager, Supply Chain

As a Partner and General Manager, Mike leads the product and engineering teams responsible for Microsoft’s Supply Chain Business Applications. He brings 18 years of leadership experience across Operations, Management and Technology. Mike has held roles in the US and Internationally with companies ranging from a few hundred employees to tens of thousands. Having led teams across in various organizations (Amazon [Last Mile Global Expansion, NA Retail], Convoy [Marketplace Growth], Nike [NA Demand Planning], Best Buy [multiple]) there’s always a theme of technology and the movement of goods. At Microsoft, his product and engineering teams are building technology to help customers and partners accelerate their supply chain using cloud, AI and edge technologies.

Originally from Canada, Mike holds multiple patents in supply chain and loves speaking/advising on the intersection of supply chain and technology. He holds an MBA (focused on Supply Chain Management) from Pennsylvania State University, a LSS Green Belt, and a BA from Simon Fraser University. He currently resides in Seattle with his wife and two children.