Fuel Prices, Especially as They Relate to IMO 2020 – A Conversation with Matt Balzola of Breakthrough

At the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit last week in Chicago we spoke with Matt Balzola of Breakthrough about navigating IMO 2020 and understanding volatile fuel costs in the supply chain.

Matt Balzola is the Vice President of Go To Market at Breakthrough, a global transportation energy & information management company. Breakthrough is most notably known for its Fuel Recovery program which enables shippers to reduce the cost, consumption, and emissions associated with fuel in their supply chains.

Breakthrough is the expert in managing the energy and information that fuels the movement of goods globally. We use our patented technology and industry knowledge to create transportation energy and supply chain management strategies for the world’s leading shippers. We remove the waste associated with distorted supply chain practices and reveal data-driven insights to give our clients a competitive advantage in their supply chains.