Charting a New Automotive Course with Both Familiar Practices and Fresh Ideas
  • Sharing insights on finding the balance of past and future: Ensuring a successful survival from start-up to sustainability when restoring an old beloved brand for an all-new electric American future
  • Surviving and thriving: Preparing your organization to be more forward-looking and agile, with greater control and visibility over strategic actions
  • Discussing challenges in our role as leaders in shaping and demonstrating a ‘new’ brand culture

Chris Condon
Chief Financial Officer
Scout Motors

Chris Condon is the Chief Financial Officer for Scout Motors Inc.  Scout is a new brand backed by the Volkswagen Group, reviving a beloved rugged American brand for an all-electric future.  Its lineup of rugged SUVs and pick-up trucks will begin in 2026.

Serving Scout since company founding in 2022, Chris serves on the Board of Directors and is responsible for business and financial planning, accounting, investor relations, tax, treasury, and other ancillary departments.  As Scout is built from the ground up, he is responsible for the design, implementation, and professional execution for all the above.

Prior to this role, Chris served as the Vice President, Controlling and Services at Volkswagen Group of America and held various finance management positions dating back to his joining the company in 2008.

Chris has earned a Master of Business Administration from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary.