Building The Bridge of Employee Loyalty Through Pay

Employee loyalty begins with commitment. And commitment is a two-way street. An impactful way to demonstrate your loyalty to your team is through programs such as on-demand pay that empowers employees to take control of their finances. Something so simple as the timing of one’s pay can make a world of difference in an employee’s life.

Stacy Greiner

Stacy Greiner serves as Chief Operating Officer, DailyPay. In her role as COO, Greiner is responsible for both external and internal Operations at DailyPay, ensuring the industry-leading on-demand-pay provider continues its upward growth trajectory. Internally, overseeing People Operations, she has built upon the company’s strong, inclusive culture ensuring every employee feels a sense of belonging. Externally, as head of Operations, she oversees DailyPay’s world-class service and experience to its partners, clients and customers.

Greiner most recently served as the General Manager of the Sales and Marketing Solutions division of Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB), where she was responsible for all Profit & Loss.  Her experience spans senior executive roles at Cisco, IBM and Accenture where she led globally-diverse Product, Marketing, Engineering and Data & Analytics organizations.

Trained as an Aerospace Engineer at Iowa State University, Greiner also holds an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management.  She sits on the board, and serves as a member of the Audit Committee of Proto Labs, Inc (NYSE: PRLB).

Melissa Johnston
VP of Human Resources
Pacific Bells, LLC

Melissa Johnston, Vice President of Human Resources for Pacific Bells, LLC and World Wide Wings, LLC.  Pacific Bells, LLC is a franchisee of Taco Bell with approximately 6,000 employees within 7 different states, and World Wide Wings, LLC is a franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings with approximately 4,000 employees across 7 different states.  Melissa has spent much of her 20 year HR career in the retail/restaurant space. She received her degree from the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) and has been “people focused” ever since.