Building a Risk Averse Supply Chain – A Hub and Spoke Guide to Digital Transformation

  • Exploring the reasons why creating a risk averse supply chain in today’s disruptive economy requires the strategic prioritization of enterprise-wide planning
  • Understanding how adopting a digital solution for operational planning can enable the decision-centric approach you need to empower your supply chain transformation journey
  • Learning how to implement a hub-and-spoke model to add resilience to your supply chain planning and how doing so can help your entire organization become more agile, efficient, and profitable

Michael Conley
Director, Technical Pre-Sales
Wolters Kluwer | CCH Tagetik

Michael Conley is a seasoned Supply Chain professional with over three decades of experience in industry and management consulting. His career spans industries from Food & Beverage, Retail, and Consumer Goods to Electronics, Chemicals, and Industrial Manufacturing, plus extensive work in Corporate ESG within the technology sector. Michael has robust, end-to-end expertise across the Supply Chain, including Forecasting & Demand Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Inventory Management, Manufacturing & Operations, Logistics, and Procurement. Recognized for leading enterprise-wide transformations that deliver maximum operational and financial performance, Michael consistently drives disparate functional groups into cohesive, connected planning teams.