Protecting the Future of Sport – Solutions for Athletes and the Planet

  • Impact of climate change on athletes, sport and communities
  • Scaling innovation to drive tangible change – taking an end-to-end approach to sustainability: from what products to make, to how to make them, how to get them to consumers and how to take them back
  • Embedding sustainability in everything we do – from innovation, to design, manufacturing, marketing and retail
  • Leveraging bold, science based targets to inspire change across the entire industry
  • Building on strong relationships to drive change with suppliers and other partners

Noel Kinder
Chief Sustainability Officer

Noel Kinder is Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). As the CSO, Noel leads Global Sustainability, a team committed to protecting our planet to maintain an environment where all athletes can train, live and thrive. Prior to becoming the CSO, Noel was the Vice President of Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing, where he was responsible for collaborating with Nike Inc.’s business units, contracted factory leadership, representatives in academia and within the NGO community on the evolution of the company’s sustainable business performance policies. Noel joined Nike in1999 and has held a wide range of leadership positions in the footwear and apparel divisions as well as roles in strategic planning and finance. In 2013, Noel became the General Manager of Nike Vietnam LLC, one of Nike’s largest sourcing countries, and was responsible for all manufacturing operations. He has worked with a wide range of manufacturers; from textile and apparel production in Sri Lanka and Eastern Europe to footwear manufacturing in Brazil and throughout Asia. Prior to Nike, Noel held roles that included leadership in several non-profit organizations as well small, privately-held companies in the United States. He has also served in the United States Peace Corps, spending two years in Honduras. Noel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Oregon and a Master’s degree in Business from Portland State University. He is fluent in Spanish.