Next Level Continuous Improvement with a New Approach to Industrial Machine Learning

  • Learn how industrial companies are avoiding the roadblocks to quickly deploying successful AI/machine learning and finding valuable new insights from their existing systems and data, as-is, with no prep required
  • Hear how continuous improvement is supercharged with the power of machine learning to constantly monitor for new opportunities and ensure sustainable benefits
  • Find out about a low touch, low risk way to quickly discover the available business value from industrial machine learning for your operations

Paul Boris
President and COO

Starting his career in operations and engineering at companies including GM, Paul recognized the opportunities to drive performance with advanced manufacturing IT solutions. Ever since, he has been a leading voice for emerging technologies like the pioneering manufacturing intelligence platform, Lighthammer, then as GVP of Enterprise Operations Management Solutions at SAP, and then back on the client side as CIO of Advanced Manufacturing Strategy at GE, where he worked closely with senior executives and operational teams to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in sustainable performance improvements. Just prior to joining Praemo, Paul was COO of smart glasses manufacturer, Vuzix.