Navigating Market Volatility and Uncertainty with Predictive Planning

The world is changing faster and with more volatility than ever before. On top of the pandemic, business leaders must now be prepared to navigate inflationary uncertainty, recessionary pressures, rising geopolitical tensions, and more. With millions of dollars at stake, businesses must adapt their forecasting methods to incorporate these external factors, or risk being blindsided by changing market conditions. Find your path forward amidst the volatility with the combination of global macroeconomic data, market-validated forecasts, and “what-if” scenarios.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Quantify the impact of these economic factors, and more, on your future performance
  • Identify the most relevant indicators to your business with lead and lag times
  • Leverage global data and predictive planning to uncover real-time insights on changing economic conditions and inform data-driven decisions

Danielle Marceau
Principal Economist & Director of Analytics
Prevedere Inc.

Danielle Marceau is the Principal Economist & Director of Analytics at Prevedere. Danielle is involved in Prevedere’s modeling, forecasting, research and development, and sharing her industry expertise on big data, leading indicators, and predictive analytics. She focuses on how big data can improve business performance forecasting across different functions and roles in organizations. Her role at Prevedere includes advanced statistical modeling and the managing, mentoring, and growth of the analytics team. Danielle has over 11 years of experience as an economist and received her M.S. in Applied Economics from Southern New Hampshire University.