Keynote: Sustainability as a Priority Outcome of Our Operating Model

  • Learning from corporate history and adapting to meet evolving external expectations
  • Leveraging our operating model for optimum alignment through value stream improvement planning
  • Analyzing and executing improvements across product lifecycles
  • Reimaging data and analytics to empower our teams to reduce our impact
  • Leveraging external partnerships to amplify positive impact

Rebecca Teeters

VP of Environmental Strategies and Initiatives

Rebecca Powers Teeters, holds a PH.D., in Chemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia and brings 20 plus years of dedication, commitment and leadership to 3M. She has served in a variety of roles of increasing responsibility over the course her career including SS Black Belt, Plant Manager, and Manufacturing and Supply Chain Director for several businesses. She now serves as the Global Enterprise Operations Director for Strategy and Execution.

As Enterprise Operations Director, Rebecca is the chief designer and champion of the 3M Execution System (3MEx) and is working with all business groups, and more than 200 facilities around the globe, to drive operational excellence and rearchitect end-to-end value streams. She is leading the strategic design for Enterprise Operations as well as serving as the operations leader in the corporation’s operating model transformation.