Intentional Integrity in Workplaces

Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace, and creating new challenges for leaders as they grapple with an integrity revolution — employees, customers, and governments are all demanding that companies step up and solve some of the world’s biggest problems. It’s not enough to simply focus on shareholder value anymore — leaders need to manage a complex set of stakeholders to lead successfully in the new 21st Century landscape. And HR leaders play a crucial role.

  • Learn how to drive integrity into the culture of your company, inspiring employees with a different kind of “intentional” integrity
  • Learn how to build and talk about a new kind of ethics code
  • Learn how to define your company’s values and “north star”
  • Learn how to speak up on society’s controversial issues and avoid brand defining mistakes

Rob Chesnut is the author of the new book “Intentional Integrity — How Smart Companies Can Lead An Ethical Revolution”. More information at

Rob Chesnut
Former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer
Airbnb Inc.

Rob Chesnut is General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer with Airbnb, Inc., a $30 billion private global travel and payments company that operates an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to rent short-term lodging including homes, apartments and rooms, and to participate in local experiences. The company has over 4 million lodging listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries and has facilitated over 500 million guest check ins.

Rob is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Virginia. He worked for 14 years with the U.S. Justice Department, including 10 years as an Assistant United States Attorney in Northern Virginia. As a federal prosecutor, Rob ran the Major Crimes unit and prosecuted a wide variety of cases, including bank robberies, kidnappings, murder, and drug trafficking organizations. He handled the prosecution of CIA, FBI and other employees of the intelligence community for espionage, including CIA employee Aldrich Ames. He is the recipient of the Justice Department’s John Marshall Award for litigation, and the CIA’s Outstanding Service Medallion.

In 1999, Rob left the U.S. Attorney’s Office and moved to California to become eBay’s third attorney, handling a wide variety of litigation, IP and regulatory/compliance matters for the company globally. Rob was promoted to run the company’s North American legal division in 2001, and in 2004 he was promoted to eBay’s executive leadership team as Sr. Vice President of a newly created Trust and Safety department. As the founder and head of eBay Trust and Safety, Rob was responsible for overseeing all site rules and policies for the eBay global community of over 150 million users. Rob and his team built eBay’s fraud detection and prevention infrastructure, and his team of over 2000 employees reduced reported fraud and counterfeiting activity on eBay’s 20+ sites by 60% over 4 years. Rob was eBay’s spokesperson for site policies and fraud, and he was interviewed in over 200 television, newspaper, radio, and magazine stories for his pioneering role in combating Internet fraud. He left eBay in the fall of 2008 to become the General Counsel of LiveOps, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA, and moved to Chegg in 2010 as the general counsel and the company’s first lawyer. Rob set up Chegg’s legal department, and as a member of the executive team helped transform the company from a physical textbook rental site to a multi-service digital learning platform. He led the effort to take Chegg public on the NYSE in the fall of 2013, where it enjoys a market cap of over $4 billion.

Rob joined Airbnb in the spring of 2016, where he has grown the legal team from 30 to over 150 legal professionals in 20 offices around the world. His team leads initiatives to promote home sharing and address regulatory issues with local governments and landlords around the world. Rob developed a popular interactive employee program, Integrity Belongs Here, to help drive ethics throughout the culture at the company.