Innovating Supply Chain Solutions During COVID-19

  • Staying aligned with corporate leadership principles to guide network-wide COVID response
  • Scaling and adapting machine learning to manage new COVID-related safety concerns
  • Innovating solutions within Amazon and with partners with short and long-term horizons
  • Continual experimentation and iteration with protocols to usher in the ‘new normal’

Carletta Ooton
VP Product Assurance, Risk & Security

Carletta Ooton is Amazon’s Vice President for Product Assurance, Risk & Security. She oversees the company’s Product Assurance, Food Safety, Trade Services, Product Safety & Recalls, Transportation Risk & Compliance, Dangerous Goods, Global Security Operations and Environmental Assurance & Protection teams worldwide.

Her responsibilities include establishing global standards and policies, managing emerging issues, developing and deploying global programs and ensuring effective risk identification and mitigation worldwide. Carletta has been actively involved with industry and government collaboration across many of her areas of responsibility.

Before joining Amazon, Carletta worked at The Coca-Cola Company where she served as the company’s Chief Quality, Safety & Sustainable Operations Officer and the VP of Technical Operations & Capability Development. Prior to that she worked for Cott Beverages, Bath & Body Works, Unilever, and Tate & Lyle.

Carletta received dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry, and a Master of Science degree in Microbiology from Southern Illinois University.