• Discussing how to prevent quality management programs from growing complacent over time
  • Walking through how different tiers of management can engage with the quality management process at varied, regular intervals to maintain motivation and a fresh set of eyes to identify and mitigate challenges before they impact the customer
  • Offering best practices to reinforce continuous improvement in quality management to prevent backsliding and improve end-product performance

Eric R. Branyan oversees the complex international network of suppliers that provide critical hardware for the F-35 program. He was most recently Vice President, F-35 Aircraft Production Business Unit, responsible for global F-35 production and for the full life cycle of production aircraft from proposal of long lead components through delivery to operational bases. Key elements supporting F-35 production include: program operations, supply chain, affordability, tooling, and quality. Mr. Branyan has also held the position of Vice President & Deputy General Manager responsible for the overall execution of the F-35 development across tri-company team and suppliers, and F-35 Air System Development. His responsibilities also included leadership of 1,900 technical professionals across Air System Integration, Air Vehicle Development and Mission Systems.