Impacts of Cultural Change in Under-Performing Facilities

Michael Brice, VP Offset Operations at INX International Ink Co., led a roundtable lunch-and-learn discussion entitled, “Impacts of Cultural Change in Under-Performing Facilities” at the 2017 edition of the North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit. In this video he shares why he chose this topic and how the lunch conversation went.

Michael Brice is a 31-year printing ink industry veteran.  He has served in every capacity:  lab technician, colormatching, manufacturing, inplant technician and management, sales and senior level management.  Mike became Chief Operating Officer of Superior Printing Inks in 2000 and named is President and COO in 2003.  He also worked in the energy sector and then for Squid Ink Manufacturing for two years until he joined INX International Ink Company in Nov, 2011.  Michael has served INX in a sales capacity as well as organizing and managing INX’s North American distribution effort.  Mike was appointed Director of Offset Operations in 2012 and then, his current position, as Vice President of Offset Operations in 2013.