How to Build a Winning Digital Supply Chain Strategy

  • Walk through geopolitical and economic forces motivating investment in resilient supply chain operations
  • Discuss the ‘Design to Operate’ value scenario, a technology-driven approach to improve operational visibility and customer intelligence from end-to-end of a supply chain
  • Illustrate how enabling technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Big Data analytics all fit into a larger framework and engage with a digital core that translates accurate information into flawless execution
  • What does embedding these intelligent technologies into business processes and the extended ecosystem look like in real terms?

Martin Barkman
SVP, Global Head of Solution Management, Digital Supply Chain

Martin Barkman is Senior Vice President and Global Head of Solution Management for Digital Supply Chain at SAP. In this role, Martin leads the strategy and go-to-market for SAP’s Digital Supply Chain solution portfolio, which encompasses software for R&D, engineering, supply chain planning, manufacturing, logistics, and asset management.

Martin joined SAP in 2013 following SAP’s acquisition of SmartOps Corporation, where Martin served as the Chief Executive Officer. Prior to becoming CEO in 2012, Martin was Executive Vice President of Global Operations for SmartOps, where he led worldwide business development, sales, marketing, alliances, professional services, and customer success.

In his career, Martin developed a broad supply chain technology and management experience through roles ranging from corporate strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company to product supply and manufacturing management at Procter & Gamble.