How the Right Approach to Food Safety Delivers Visibility, Speed, and Revenue— Even in a Pandemic

  • How do we make transformation happen as Food Safety leaders?
  • Illustrating how gaining visibility and traceability increases speed, agility, and performance. How does this work in a COVID environment?
  • Where do our people fit into this conversation? How to keep our people and consumers safe

Brian Perry
SVP Food Safety & Quality
Treehouse Foods

Brian Perry is an award-winning food safety and quality expert with over 21 years of experience in large, multinational food corporations. Currently, Brian is Senior Vice President of Food Safety and Quality and leads Food Safety and Quality at TreeHouse Foods, a leader in private label food and beverage focused on customer brands and custom products. His experience with creating and implementing food safety and regulatory compliance programs for a variety of product lines gives him a broad range of knowledge regarding current food safety and quality issues. Brian holds a BS degree in Animal Science from Auburn University.