Digital Transformation for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers – A Conversation with Amos Dor of Applied Materials

At the 2019 edition of the Biomanufacturing World Summit series earlier this month in San Diego we spoke with Amos Dor, Applied Materials’ Pharma General Manager & CTO. Industry 4.0 solutions are transforming the way biopharmaceutical manufacturers do business, and Amos offered his insights into some of the challenges they are facing and the decisions they need to make as they bring these powerful new tools into existing operations.

Applied Materials provides pharma manufacturers an opportunity to leverage decades of experience in increasing productivity. SmartFactory Rx™ is a suite of advanced manufacturing software which enables pharma companies to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, quality and compliance from their plants and supply chain refined through 30 years of leadership based on Industry 4.0 principles. The suite is a data & application integration platform which provides: advanced process analytics & control, real-time production planning & scheduling, predictive maintenance, and knowledge advisor for creating a continuous learning environment for knowledge capture and reuse. Solutions are rapidly implemented by non-programmers using this intelligent & flexible platform to enable data-driven decisions from the shop floor to top floor.