Continuous? Strategic? What’s the Best Way to Listen to Employees?

  • There are lots of HR “experts” that extol the “right” way to survey employees and use those insights. But what makes sense for your organization?
  • When it comes to the best survey design for your organization, ignore the hype. The census survey is not dead, the best surveys have more than 10 questions, and the organization doesn’t need to collect data all the time
  • Surveys should evaluate engagement, to be sure, but more than that surveys should evaluate the effectiveness of the work environment and feed HR analytics, enabling good data-based decisions about people
  • This presentation will separate fact from fiction when it comes to the best way to listen to employees and provide attendees a roadmap for determining what approaches make most sense today and in the future

Sarah R. Johnson
VP Enterprise Surveys and Analytics
Perceptyx, Inc.

Dr. Sarah Johnson has more than three decades of experience in her field. She specializes in employee engagement, organizational development and effectiveness and survey data analysis – advising senior leaders at Fortune 500 firms around the world. Sarah witnesses executives struggling across industries with such common challenges as guiding a global company through transformational change, leading successfully in turbulent times, and driving employee engagement and retention among high-potential employees.

Sarah says clients most often ask how to leverage employee engagement to drive organization strategy. Her clients rely on her to capture the attention of senior leadership in a way that “makes the light bulb go off in their heads” when discussing employee engagement and alignment. Sarah works with clients around the world, from as far north as Denmark to as far south as Brazil, and across virtually all industries. Sarah has worked as both an internal consultant at Procter & Gamble, IBM and Eastman Kodak, and as an external consultant with Genesee Survey Services and CEB, where she was Practice Leader for their global survey business.

Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Purdue University, and holds a Master of Arts degree and PhD in Industrial/Organizational psychology from The Ohio State University.

Perceptyx is revolutionizing the employee survey and people analytics industry, delivering enterprise-level employee surveys and people analytics to nearly 30% of the Fortune 100. With an unrivaled technology platform and a tailor-made, flexible approach, Perceptyx provides deep insights into an organization’s people, giving leaders the data and insight they need to improve the employee experience, predict challenges in the business, and drive strategic action to deliver improved business performance.

Driven by a deep intellectual curiosity and culture of innovation, Perceptyx is challenging the status quo – to help people and organizations thrive.

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to employee listening programs. The Perceptyx technology and approach intentionally focuses on providing flexibility at scale, with strategic alignment to business objectives. Though we deliver real-time insights through our SaaS technology platform, we also provide an unrivaled level of tailored configuration to match our clients’ unique culture and brand. Supported by a team of world-class people analytics and employee survey professionals, the Perceptyx approach delivers a white-glove experience from end-to-end at enterprise scale.