Celebrating Operational Excellence – A Presentation from the Shingo Institute

Ken Snyder, Executive Director of The Shingo Institute and Executive Dean of the Jon M. Huntman School of Business at Utah State University gave the Day One closing keynote presentation at NAMES17:

  • Offering an overview of the past, present, and future of The Shingo Institute and the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence
  • How has the Shingo Model changed over the years to focus on building sustainable cultures of excellence rather than generating a short-term moment of peak performance?
  • Discussing the ‘Benchmark Companies’ that have continued to improve after winning a Shingo Prize. – What do they have in common and what can we learn from them?
  • Understanding that culture change is about evolution, not revolution. How should organizations best embrace incremental change and hold onto improvements in the long-term?
  • Showcasing case studies of the Shingo Model in action. What can manufacturing executives take away from these examples?

Ken Snyder, the executive dean and chief administrative officer of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, recently joined the Shingo Institute as the executive director. Mr. Snyder has served as a member of the Shingo Executive Advisory Board for the past seven years and has intimate knowledge of the Institute and its history. Mr. Snyder developed an interest in Japanese business practices while living in Japan during the time he was a student. His interest led him to major in Japanese history and then to pursue an MBA for the purpose of working with a Japanese business expanding to the United States. Inspired by the work of Professor Mike Yoshino and Professor William Ouchi, Mr. Snyder wrote his master’s thesis on “Applying Japanese Business Practices in American Companies.” Mr. Snyder has served as a member of the Shingo Executive Advisory Board since 2009, and as a Shingo examiner since 2010. He was named chairman of the Shingo board and executive director of the Shingo Institute in 2015.