Batman on a Beach, Einstein, and AI Robots
  • Hear the current state of security (spoiler alert it’s still bad). Understand how infrastructure, the surge in cybercrime, and attackers’ use of AI are affecting the threat landscape
  • Explore how a transition from a best-of-breed to a best-of-platform approach can streamline your portfolio, enhance visibility, and mitigate risks
  • Assess your company’s readiness for AI. Unveil its potential while also examining compliance challenges associated with this emerging technology
  • Learn how Microsoft leverages AI through Microsoft Copilot to simplify complexity, catch what others miss, and strengthen your team’s expertise

Jerry Carlson
VP Cybersecurity US

Jerry Carlson has over three decades of IT and Security expertise, with 23 of these years spent at Microsoft. He currently leads a team of cyber security experts for Bulletproof across the United States. His team is driven by helping organizations protect themselves from cybercrime because they believe stealing is wrong. Jerry is an expert in the Microsoft security portfolio, including M365 Security (Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Email, Defender for Identity), and Entra Cloud Permissions Management, as well as Microsoft Copilot for M365 and Copilot for Security. He has assisted many small and large businesses in transitioning from an outdated best of breed model to a Microsoft best in class integrated security platform, lowering their security expenses, enhancing their visibility, and ultimately decreasing risk.

Jack M. Wilson

Jack Wilson is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Advisory Board Member with more than 25 years of successful executive leadership experience in various industries. Wilson is currently the CRO of Bulletproof, a leader in the cybersecurity industry, leveraging extensive experience in developing strategies, building high-performance teams, and delivering revenue and profitable growth.

I love winning, I love building a business to address a new market opportunity and I love making people better at what they do. Experienced in building and leading highly motivated, global revenue and customer success teams solving complex challenges to arrive at successful solutions.

I’m an avid runner who has participated in many Marathons (2:23PR), and numerous Ultra Marathons including the Moab 240, and placed in the top 20 (10:21) in the Ironman.

Bulletproof offers comprehensive IT, security, & compliance solutions for your business. We work with any industry, any size – to help you mitigate risk, improve your technologies, processes, systems, business infrastructure, and ensure compliance while securing your data.

Bulletproof was named Microsoft’s global Security Partner of the Year in 2021 for delivering excellence and innovative end-to-end security solutions – let us help you deploy and optimize your technology, security, and compliance, empowering you do to more with your teams.