Auditing and Certification for Food Safety Professionals — A Conversation with Liz Salinas of QIMA-WQS

At North American Food Safety & Quality 2023 we sat down with Liz Salinas of QIMA-WQS about one of the big issues facing FSQ organizations today: A lack of auditors. The current generation of experienced auditors are beginning to age out, and there seems to be a gap behind them where younger FSQ professionals have not opted into auditing as a focus for their careers. Liz points out that there is no auditor school or direct path to become an auditor. The industry educates its own people to have this skillset over the course of their careers, and a very real bottleneck is approaching where there will be more work to be done than there are qualified people to do it. What should FSQ professionals be doing to advance auditing as a specialization among their ranks? How does that fit into larger industry trends senior leaders are already embracing? Give this episode a listen!