AI in Manufacturing – The Rise of the Augmented Human and the Thinking Machine

At North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2019 last month in Chicago we spoke with Paul Boris, the President and COO of Praemo. In this interview, Paul shares his thoughts and experiences as one of the innovators at the forefront of bringing AI to manufacturers.

From managing assembly operations at General Motors as a co-op student, to working with the world’s largest industrial operators while a global VP for SAP, a CIO for GE and now President and COO of Praemo, Paul Boris is at the leading edge of driving the Digital Transformation of industry.

Praemo is revolutionizing how industrial companies think about the role of digital technology inside their operations. Praemo helps customers reduce equipment downtime, optimize production processes, and manage risks. This results in improved productivity, lower costs, and more sustainable operations overall. Praemo’s technology, RazorTM, processes data from customer’s machines and backend systems to deliver Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Intelligence. Praemo’s mission is to deliver sustainable productivity and cost improving technology in an intuitive and cost-effective method.