Advancing Sustainability through Enhanced Traceability

  • Recognizing the efficiency of managing diverse regulatory requirements, such as environmental (EUDR), food safety (FSMA), and sustainability reporting (CSRD), through integrated solutions
  • Discussing compliance strategies and how traceability has emerged as a central element, encompassing the ability to track the origin (IRA), journey (SBTi), and transformation of products and raw materials
  • How integrating these frameworks necessitates robust data management systems capable of handling complex data from various sources
  • Ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain, from raw material sourcing to the finished product, is essential

Florent Bouguin
VP, Chief Technology Officer

Florent Bouguin is the Chief Technology Officer at OPTEL Group. Florent is a research and development executive with substantive experience in developing new technologies and business solutions that measure and reduce human impacts on our global environment. After graduating from Polytechnique (Orleans, France) and completing graduate studies at Laval University (Quebec, Canada), Florent worked as a System Engineer for ABB in the space industry. Holding several technical and management roles over the course of 15 years, he contributed to developing spaceborne analysers for greenhouse gas observation, weather forecast prediction and ozone measurement. He joined OPTEL group, a BCorp certified organization, in 2016 as Vice President of Engineering and Operations, where he has been participating in the expansion of the business in the life science industry. Currently the Chief Technology Officer, Florent drives the technology and go-to-market strategy of OPTEL group, whose corporate vision is a connected world providing full transparency and optimized performance, encouraging social and environmental responsibility and accountability while earning the trust of consumers. As a member of the Executive Committee, Florent collaborates with the president and Executive Committee to define the vision and set corporate strategy, goals and policies. Father of two kids and ultramarathoner, Florent’s motivation is promoting the balance between family life, active life and professional life.

OPTEL has a proven track record of over 30 years in providing end-to-end and highly granular traceability solutions that enable companies to unlock the potential of intelligent and digital supply chains. Optchain™, OPTEL’s flagship traceability solution, connects all stakeholders across the value chain to ensure complete, real-time visibility for better supply chain performance, carbon footprint tracking, and compliance with regulatory standards. Founded in 1989, OPTEL is a Certified B Corporation headquartered in Canada, with facilities in Germany, Ireland, India and Brazil, as well as employees worldwide.