Achieving a Sustainable Electric Future
  • Discussing how crucial it is to generate electricity from renewable sources, stabilizing the grid, and continue developing/improving the efficiency of EVs and charging infrastructure
  • Sparking innovation in battery technology and smart grid solutions which benefits not only EVs but also other sectors, such as energy storage, renewable energy integration, and grid resilience, leading to a more sustainable and efficient overall energy system
  • Exploring why it is essential to consider the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, including manufacturing and disposal
  • Working towards minimizing the environmental impact of production processes and improve battery recycling and disposal methods to ensure sustainable practices throughout the vehicle’s life
  • Integrating EVs with renewable energy generation to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and create a cleaner and more sustainable energy system

Kevin Butt
Sr. Director of Environmental Sustainability

Mr. Kevin Butt is the Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability for Toyota’s North American Environmental Sustainability Programs.  He is responsible for the development of Environmental Sustainability Programs and related Regulatory/Legislative development for all of Toyota’s North American operations.

Prior to Mr. Butt’s current assignment, he was the General Manger/Chief Environmental and Safety Officer for Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing for all of Toyota’s Manufacturing operations. Prior to that assignment Mr. Butt was the Assistant General Manager of Body Production Engineering for Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc., (TMMNA).  He is responsible for Body Engineering for all Toyota’s North American manufacturing operations.  Body Engineering consists of Welding, Stamping, and Painting Operations.

Mr. Butt serves on several boards including the National Wildlife Habitat Council (Past Chair), Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation, World Wildlife Fund National Council, North American Great Plains Advisory Board, Yellowstone Park’s Yellowstone Forever Board (Chairman), National Environmental Education Foundation (Chair) and the Pollinator Partnership Board, Supplier Partnership for the Environment (Chairman).

Mr. Butt has a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science from Georgetown College.