Transforming Our Manufacturing and Distribution to Elevate FSQ Excellence

  • Discussing the role of senior leadership in implementing impactful change on FSQ processes
  • Treating compliance as the starting line and then setting ambitious goals that challenge and inspire us to achieve excellence
  • Encouraging input from all levels of the manufacturing and supply chain organization to find, apply, and support good ideas of all shapes and sizes
  • Building a better system requires good data: What are the KPIs and metrics that matter? What information do you need and when to inform decision-making?
  • Highlighting some of our success stories. What can other organizations on their own journeys learn from our experience?

Tanya Peacock
VP SC Quality & Food Safety

Tanya Peacock has been at PepsiCo for 21 years. She is responsible for the role of Vice President Supply Chain Quality & Food Safety. She earned her Chemistry degree from Florida State University.