The Next Generation of Lean Innovation

  • Maximizing operating capabilities through deep collaboration with internal and external partners
  • Changing the way data is collected, cleaned, and validated to improve decision quality and speed
  • Acquiring, inspiring, and retaining the minds that will transform the business to a completely different model
  • Shortening lead times through digitization and a value chain with less hand-offs

Maureen Midgley
VP, Global Customer Fulfillment Solutions

Maureen Midgley joined Amazon Global Operations and Supply Chain in March 2015 to establish and lead the global engineering and technology development organizations. These global teams partner with their regional counterparts to improve standards, designs, and best practices across all of Amazon’s fulfillment operations.

Prior to this role, Maureen served as Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing Engineering and Lean Enterprise at Henkel Corporation. Her teams created and deployed industry specific lean tools and protocol in over 140 adhesives manufacturing plants around the world. Under Maureen’s leadership, the first global manufacturing engineering teams were formed to cover standards, packaging engineering, process engineering, project management, the advanced technology roadmap, and all major pilot plant operations.

Before her role at Henkel, Maureen served as the Executive Director of the Global Paint and Polymer Center (GPPC) at General Motors. GPPC was responsible for technology development and deployment in GM paint shops, paint and polymer engineering for all product programs, and global exterior quality in 85 facilities across 35 countries. Maureen began her career at General Motors (GM) as a summer intern at the St. Louis Truck and Bus facility. Over 33 years, she worked in a number of manufacturing engineering and operations management positions in seven different assembly plants across the US. Maureen was plant manager at both GM’s EV1 facility in Lansing Michigan, and in Lordstown, Ohio.

Throughout her career, Maureen has served on numerous boards including the Youngstown Business Incubator, the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra and the STEM Advisory Board. She also served as President of board of the Academy of Chemical Engineers in 2013. Maureen is an Athena award recipient, recognized as one of the top 100 women in the auto industry since 2005, and has been awarded two honorary doctorates from the Youngstown State University and Missouri University of Science and Technology. Maureen holds Masters Degrees in Engineering Management and Operations as well and Environment studies and has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

A strong advocate for lifelong learning and education, she volunteers for STEM Advocacy with students of all ages and continues her own education, more recently focusing on public policy and the environment. Maureen is married with three daughters, and currently resides in the Seattle, Washington.