The Future of Medicine Will Cost Less and Move Faster Than We Ever Imagined

  • Showcasing how enterprise-grade modular laboratories and related infrastructure that can be scaled and reconfigured as needed will fundamentally and radically change the price and timelines involved in developing the next generation of medicine
  • Offering best practices and lessons learned about how to understand what you need, customize what you want, scale as you grow, and course-correct as you discover, all at a fraction of traditional costs
  • Illustrating how this works based on real-world examples
  • For more information, please enjoy this interview with Amrit Chaudhuri of SmartLabs, recorded at BMWS22.

Brian Taylor
Head of Biopharma Solutions

SmartLabs provides teams of all sizes enterprise-grade labs customized within weeks for any stage of research or modality and can be reconfigured within days as your research evolves. Outsource your infrastructure and avoid the extensive costs of traditional lab builds while your own teams accelerate your research in a private lab.