Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • Proving that the most valuable data in manufacturing is from production itself
  • Choosing the right goals and outcomes to make a difference
  • Connecting disparate IT systems together into a unified whole
  • Building a scalable approach for the enterprise, step-by-step: Start small to go big
  • Illustrating successful projects with concrete examples

Jun Huang
Director/Team Leader, Process Monitoring, Automation & Control

Dr. Jun Huang is Director/Team Leader, with the Process Monitoring, Automation and Control group, part of Pfizer Global Technology & Engineering, based in NJ. He leads a team responsible for the development and implementation of Advanced Analytics, AI/ML, Advanced Process Control (APC), IIoT and digital solutions to drive improved manufacturing visibility, productivity and quality. He has been a major contributor to a number of key manufacturing initiatives, e.g. digitalization, involved in both strategy development and operationalization. He co-leads the Pfizer Global Supply’s IIoT program. Previously, he worked for GSK and PerkinElmer.

Dr. Huang holds a PhD in chemometrics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway, an MBA in Finance and Supply Chain Management from Rutgers University in the USA.