Technology, Digital Transformation and the Future of Quality and Food Safety

  • How is technology changing the way we think about the manufacture of food and beverages?
  • Illustrating the make-or-break power of data to let you see where to focus your efforts in real-time
  • Making the business case that driving food safety, quality and compliance as well as meeting the needs of the customer necessitates an investment into digital quality, and that a failure to keep ahead of the curve will see our competitors pass us by
  • Walking through real-world examples of how the digital transformation is making a lasting impact on day-to-day operations, our strategic capabilities, and the culture

Lee Perry
VP Global Quality & Food Safety
Archer Daniels Midland

Lee Perry is the Vice President, Quality Management and Food Safety, WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company.  Lee is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the safety and quality systems, and supporting the commercial and customer base by monitoring and providing guidance on quality trends and issues.  He also ensures alignment with companywide quality and regulatory standards.

Lee joined WILD Flavors in 2011 as Associate Director Quality Management and Food Safety and was responsible for the overall execution of the Quality Management System throughout WILD North America.  He supported the launch of a Global Quality Council, the establishment of scorecard processes, and partnered with the CFO on a global continuous improvement process.   In 2014, Lee was asked to lead the Human Resources function for WILD Flavors followed by the WFSI North America division of ADM which he held until August, 2016.  During his time in HR, Lee was a business partner to the WFSI leaders and supported a commercial global commercial talent assessment, developed two ADM-wide sales training programs and supported the human resource integration and cost synergies efforts for WFSI.

Lee holds a B.S. from Idaho State University in Biological Sciences.  Lee has over 20 years of experience in quality management gained in his previous roles at ConAgra, Ken’s Foods, Davisco Foods, Leprino Foods, and Nestle USA.