Tackling Digitalization and Standardization in Environmental Monitoring

  • Neogen® has been digitalizing food safety environmental monitoring programs (EMP) for years and has seen best practices in both highly standardized organizations and those looking to take the next step
  • Organizations are seeing major improvements in standardization in highly complex manufacturing environments. Digitalizing these areas is helping improvements in human capital aspects such as time to onboard, workload management, and efficiency
  • Lastly, we’ll review some key product improvements within Neogen Analytics, and show how new data elements contribute to the promise of big data in food safety through aggregated product testing module

Joe Heinzelmann
Director of Food Safety Digital Solutions


Joe Heinzelmann began his career in nanotechnology. He has held various sales and marketing positions in the nanotechnology space until he joined Neogen in 2011. He’s been in food safety for over a decade, and at Neogen he’s held a variety of commercial roles. Currently Joe leads our innovation and digitalization efforts for food safety as the Director of Food Safety Digital Solutions, including Neogen Analytics. His undergraduate degree is from Albion College and has an MBA from Northwood University.