Small But Mighty: How Digital Technology Can Support Small Batch Manufacturing of mRNA Therapeutics

mRNA manufacturing offers great benefits and potential for infectious diseases and personalized medicines due to the advantages in flexibility, cost, and speed of development, but there are still challenges to overcome to fully realize the potential, especially when addressing small batch manufacturing. Considering manufacturability and scale-up from the beginning will help to deliver process efficiency and scalability along the spectrum of mRNA products. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how digital technology can help accelerate therapeutic development and strategies to adopt a paper free approach at all stages of development.

  • Small and flexible manufacturing allows for optimized solutions for personalized therapeutics and small batch manufacturing
  • Digital technology can support mRNA therapeutics by helping to accelerate batch release and improve compliance
  • The hidden costs of paper

Katarina Stenklo
Enterprise End-to End Solutions Leader

Katarina works for Cytiva in the Manufacturing capacity solutions business unit. She has worked over 20 years in the industry and has extensive expertise in developing end-to-end manufacturing solutions that includes process workflows, process equipment, automation, consumables, and facilities. Her focus over the last few years has been developing and designing solutions for the manufacture of new product modalities such as viral vectors, plasmids, and mRNA therapies.