Redefining Competition: Thinking About Our Industry in a Revolutionary Way

  • What are we doing today to get ready for the realities of our industry a decade from now?
  • Debating what we will need in terms of leadership, people, technology, territory, and resources to grow into new markets with new products in an ever-changing regulatory landscape
  • Is the answer steady growth, or improving agility and versatility, or some third option?
  • Making the case that our industry needs to work together better as individual actors on a shared stage

Kimball Hall serves as the Senior Vice President and Head of Drug Substance Biologics Manufacturing and is a member of the Genentech Executive Committee (GEC). Prior to joining Genentech in 2016, she previously worked at Amgen in a variety of leadership positions, most recently as the Vice President for Manufacturing of the Future, where she established advanced manufacturing facilities in Singapore that utilize disposable upstream technology. Kimball’s organization is responsible for managing the biologics drug substance supply – the active ingredient that gets filled at the drug product sites before delivery of the medicines to our patients. The biologics network is comprised of six sites in North America, Europe and Asia. At Genentech, she sponsors the Operational Development Rotational Program and is an advisor to the Genentech Women’s Professional Group.