Revolutionizing Production: The Power of Manufacturing Automation
  • How automation streamlines manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency
  •  Highlighting strategies for successful adoption of manufacturing automation practices and how to navigate the transition
  • Demonstrating how automated manufacturing opens avenues for workers to acquire advanced technical skills, fostering professional growth
  • Delving into the financial benefits of implementing automation, including reduced labor costs, minimized waste, and improved resource allocation, ultimately leading to higher return on investment

Kurt Schoenegge
Sr. Director, Worldwide Rpm & Advanced Manufacturing
Cummins Inc.

Kurt Schoenegge is the Senior Director of Assembly and Technology for the Global Manufacturing Engineering Team at Cummins Inc.  Kurt is responsible for Standardizing the Design of the Processes, Equipment,  and Documents to improve safety, increase quality, reduce lead-times and improve profitability.  Kurt’s Team leads the integration of Automation and Digital Analyze Lead Design for the global network.

Kurt has 29 years of experience at Cummins Inc, from Advance Design, Program Leadership and a variety of roles within Supply Chain.  Kurt also has 5 years of experience at Kohler and Franklin Power Products.   Kurt graduated from University of Michigan in 1990 with a BSME.   He also holds a MBA from Ball State University.