Panel: Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards: Maximizing Our Impact on the Future of Medicine
  • How has this changed the CMC ecosystem, and are we overbuilding capacity again?
  • Avoiding the dangers of fragmentation. How should we better communicate, collaborate, and consolidate our best ideas so we all succeed?
  • Discussing the reasons to set up a new company today, and imagining how our business ecosystem will continue to grow and evolve
  • Debating which production platforms will best suit the newer modalities
  • Exploring the next steps for existing platforms like mAbs, ADC’s, mRNA: How do we efficiently serve giant markets such as Alzheimer’s indications, for example?

Joanne Beck
Chief Technology Officer
Aerium Therapeutics

Carlo de Notaristefani
Former Lead, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Advisor
Operation Warp Speed

Alex Cooke

Pat Yang
Vice Chairman & Co-Founder
Resilience, Inc.