New Technology Helps Improve Food Safety, Reduce Risk and Transforms Pest Management

  • IoT Connected devices monitor 24/7 inside and outside of facilities
  • Enables immediate response and root cause analysis
  • Enables more thorough pest inspection
  • Provides service transparency and accountability
  • Proactive vs. Reactive pest management
  • Improves audit readiness and compliance

Peter Jardine
Head of Marketing and Strategy
Bayer Digital Pest Management

In his career, Peter has focused on differentiating brands, creating new products and services. He has launched over 20 new products and services in numerous market segments including B2C and B2B. Peter gained pest management experience when he joined Orkin Pest Control as the Sr. Director of Strategy and Innovation and has been with Bayer since 2011. Leveraging his passion and experience, Peter is one of the cofounders of the digital pest management business at Bayer. The team launched the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System in 2017.