Moderna: The Rise of mRNA Vaccines – CMC Operations During a Once-in-a-Lifetime Pandemic

  • Our journey from a “platform” to a “multi-product” company
  • How we achieved the seemingly impossible
  • What we learned along the way
  • Where we are today and where the journey takes us next

Tara Jones
SVP, North America Operations

Tara is responsible for end-to-end operations for DNA, Drug Substance, and Drug Product for global clinical trial materials and commercial product for the North America region.  Prior to joining Moderna she was at Amgen where she led drug substance operations at Amgen Puerto Rico and was responsible for both the mammalian and bacterial drug substance manufacturing operations for multiple commercial products.

In 2020, Tara was awarded the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Rising Star award and in 2021, she received both the Women in Science and Technology by Industriales Puerto Rico as well as the Amgen Most Improved Plant award.

Tara received her BS in Chemical Engineering from the Ohio University and her MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia.