Managing Your Insider Risk Program
  • Emphasizing the balance between employee privacy and company security
  • Prioritizing collaboration across functions and the importance of shared goals with clear measures of success
  • Engaging employees with data protection and compliance training
  • Utilizing emerging new insider risk management tools with adaptive security capabilities that can detect risky activities and mitigate potential impact

Bret Arsenault
Corporate Vice President and Chief Cybersecurity Advisor

Bret Arsenault is Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Microsoft. He is charged with keeping all Microsoft data secure from the 21st century’s ever- growing cyber-threats, while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. In addition to his responsibilities as CISO, Bret serves as Chairman of Microsoft’s Information Risk Management Council, and as an outside cyber-risk advisor to executives and boards at numerous Fortune 100 companies. He is also a founding member of Security 50 and RSAC’s Executive Security Action Forum (ESAF). Beyond security Arsenault is also responsible for crisis management and overall business continuity and resilience at Microsoft. As part of this, he and his team have coordinated the Microsoft Covid-19 response program.