Intelligent Industrial Automation: How Manufacturers can Leverage Pre-Built Machine Learning to Leverage Existing Data and Drive Fast Time to Value

Data is becoming ubiquitous in manufacturing- from the low cost of IoT sensors to the mountains of data from legacy systems such as quality, ERP and MES. The problem many manufacturers face is how to leverage this data across disparate equipment and systems in order to have an accurate foundational data set to drive improvements. Learn how to build the right foundation of data for digital transformation and leverage it to drive fast ROI. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Gain an understanding how you can leverage your existing assets and systems to build a strong foundation of data to drive improvements
  • Learn how machine learning can make your data more valuable by structuring data from your existing assets, correct bad data, and,  inferring human inputs
  • Discover how to get the shortest time to value to drive performance and quality optimization utilizing your existing assets and people with machine learning

Accelerating Digital Transformation ROI – A Conversation with Willem Sundblad of Oden Technologies

Willem Sundblad
Co-founder & CEO
Oden Technologies