Injecting Connected Workflows into Your Quality System

  • Learn why you need to go beyond digitizing existing processes to building true dynamic workflows
  • Hear how connected workflows can improve traceability and responsiveness
  • See real-world examples of how connected digital work can reduce risk and enhance quality

Jaime Urquidi
Head of Latin America, CPG Industry Lead

As Head of Latin America at Parsable, Jaime Urquidi is responsible for growing the company’s presence in the region and
helping customers quick-start their digital transformation efforts. A CPG subject matter expert and seasoned global supply
chain leader, Jaime has more than 20 years of experience helping multi-billion-dollar CPG companies, including Coca-Cola,
Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Unilever, successfully implement large-scale operational improvements and obtain the highest
levels of excellence through world class manufacturing (WCM), lean manufacturing, and total productive maintenance (TPM)
best practices.

Parsable is THE Connected Worker platform company.

Parsable helps the world’s largest industrial firms get jobs done right — every time. Parsable’s Connected Worker platform enables employees to collaboratively execute their work using paperless, modern, and digital work instructions on modern mobile devices.