Governing Generative AI: Safeguarding the Enterprise Without Stifling Exploration
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders which may include developers, researchers, policymakers, ethicists, legal experts, affected communities, and end-users
  • Establish risk tolerance through a policy with clear objectives and guiding principles guide the development, deployment, and use of generative AI systems
  • Implement mechanisms for monitoring, auditing, and enforcing compliance with established policies and promote accountability
  • Provide education and training to enhance understanding of generative AI technologies, governance principles, and ethical considerations among stakeholders

Jeff Northrop
Chief Information Officer, Mars Wrigley NA
Mars Inc

Jeff Northrop was recently promoted from Chief Information Security Officer for Mars Petcare into his current role as Chief Information Officer for Mars Wrigley North America. Mr. Northrop joined Mars, Incorporated in May 2019 as Director, Security CoE where he established an OT security program, operationalized the data protection program, and managed Security Architecture before assuming the CISO role for Mars Petcare.

Prior experiences include positions as Security Officer for Liberty Mutual, CTO for the IAPP, and Head of Technology for Reed Elsevier. Mr. Northrop lives in Maine where, along with his wife, he has raised two boys. He now spends his free time hiking, tending to his gardens, and spoiling his cat and chickens.