Establishing a ‘Culture of Data’ in Pharma Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have worked diligently and successfully to foster a ‘culture of quality’, resulting in fewer overall regulatory citations year over year since 2010. How can better data management and analytics impact not only quality but process improvement and efficiency gains as well?

  • What trends are driving the need to move towards both managing and using data better?
  • The ‘culture of data’ starts with changing old ways of working. What steps do biopharma manufacturers need to take to initiate their transformation?
  • How can manufacturers use manufacturing process data to quickly and proactively improve outcomes?

Vishaka Rajaram
Director, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Practice

Vishaka is a Director in PwC’s Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Practice where she focuses on pragmatic Quality System Transformations at Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies.

Prior to joining PwC, Vishaka worked in the Medical Device Industry with broad Regional and Corporate experience across all elements of the Quality System.
At PwC, she applies her end-to-end Quality Systems experience to drive comprehensive Quality System transformations, Quality Remediations, Digital Quality Transformations and eQMS Implementations in a variety of client contexts including Deals, Remediations, new Industry Entrants, and Strategic Transformations. Vishaka is especially passionate about the application of technology to enable Quality to drive business outcomes and operational value.