In this keynote presentation at NAMES17, Phil McIntyre, Managing Director of Client Development for Performance Solutions by Milliken, shares his experience with making the most out of a lean journey.

Phil McIntyre has been with Milliken over 29 years in leadership roles encompassing both the business and manufacturing arenas. He successfully led several business units within Milliken & Company to profitable growth and financial sustainability, as well as the Performance Products Division Milliken Performance System implementation. Phil was Director of Cost Improvement, and he also spent time as the Pursuit of Excellence Director responsible for integrating customer needs with manufacturing and business capability. Early in his career, Phil worked in several different manufacturing locations for Milliken & Company across the southeast. He credits this early diversity in job responsibility and scope as the beginning of his in-depth knowledge of continuous improvement, his appreciation for sustainable, empowered safety processes and systems, and the criticality of establishing the right financial metrics to drive the right behavior.