Bridging the Gap Between Food Safety Cloud Solutions and Handheld Devices

  • As the smarter era of food safety continues to evolve, more and more companies are digitalizing their food safety systems
  • Food safety systems are becoming easier to use, deploy, and easier to scale our ability to manage risk and deploy resources will change
  • We’ll cover a unique example of deploying sanitation monitoring, from production enabled devices to a digital environment

Joe Heinzelmann
Director of Business Development

Joe Heinzelmann began his career in nanotechnology. He has held various sales and marketing positions in the nanotechnology space until he joined Neogen in 2011. He’s been in food safety for over a decade, and at Neogen he’s held a variety of commercial roles. Currently Joe leads our business development activities for digital services, including Neogen Analytics and blockchain. His undergraduate degree is from Albion College, and has an MBA from Northwood University.

At NEOGEN, we partner with our customers to protect and enhance the world’s level of food and animal safety. By offering a diverse suite of solutions for the food, beverage, animal protein, and agriculture industries, NEOGEN empowers our customers to safeguard their brands and create better products. (NASDAQ:NEOG).