Demystifying the Path to Multicloud

  • In 2023 tapping into the capabilities of a real multi cloud infrastructure will create strategic advantages. Understanding true multi cloud architectures will be critical but will also force us to rethink everything from how we manage date to how edges are built to how we bend the curve on securing our IT environments with zero trust.
  • During this session John Roese, global CTO of Dell Technologies, will walk through how to build a multicloud environment able to evolve with business needs including…
    • Focusing on what we can understand and control as well as cost implications.
    • What components of your architecture should be horizontal.
    • Deciding which edge architecture meets your long-term needs.
    • Securing your multicloud environment through zero trust.

John Roese
Global Chief Technology Officer
Dell Technologies

John Roese is Global Chief Technology Officer at Dell Technologies. In this role, John is responsible for establishing the company’s future-looking technology strategy and fostering innovation to make sure Dell Technologies is at the forefront of the industry with ground-breaking technologies that anticipate customers’ long-term needs today, tomorrow and beyond.

John joined Dell EMC in  2012 and was instrumental in shaping Dell EMC’s technology strategy as the company embarked on new growth and leadership across three of the most transformative trends in the history of IT – Cloud, Big Data and Trusted IT.

Prior to joining Dell EMC, John was the CTO, GM, and leader of several technology companies including Nortel, Broadcom, Futurewei, Enterasys, and Cabletron systems.  In addition to his roles as CTO, John has been a Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer in publicly traded companies.

John is a published author and holds more than 20 pending and granted patents in areas such as policy-based networking, location-based services, and security.  John has been active in numerous boards, including ATIS, OLPC, Blade Networks, Pingtel, Bering Media, and the Cloud Foundry Foundation. He currently serves as a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council, NYU Wireless Industry Advisory Board, and the Purdue Research Foundation / Purdue University Lab to Life Technology Leaders Advisory Board.