COVID-19 MAbs at Pandemic Speed, Volumes and COGs

Vir Biotech has discovered a neutralizing COVID-19 mAb to a unique, highly conserved Coronavirus spike sequence, high barrier to resistance and effector function
We have partnered with numerous CDMOs and GSK to move from discovery to the clinic in approximately 6 months
World-wide pandemic requirements for an efficacious neutralizing mAb may exceed 20 metric tons – challenging the capacity of industry manufacturing infrastructure

Michael Kamarck
Chief Technology Officer
Vir Biotechnology

Michael Kamarck is Chief Technology Officer at Vir. Previously, he was senior vice president of Global Vaccines and Biologics Manufacturing and president of Merck BioVentures where he was responsible for the establishment of Merck’s global biosimilars business.

Prior to joining Merck BioVentures, Dr. Kamarck held positions of increasing responsibility in Biotechnology and Vaccines Operations at Wyeth, including leading the development of the global biotechnology network with $3.5 billion of capital investment. While at Wyeth, he also was responsible for global technical operations for all of the Company’s businesses. Dr. Kamarck began his career in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research at Bayer AG.

Dr. Kamarck graduated from Oberlin College where he currently serves as a Trustee. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the author of more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and 20 issued patents. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Science from University College Dublin.