Beyond Resiliency: The New Supply Chain Trends from NASCES23

At the beginning of 2023 we started a new reoccurring series on this blog where we try to summarize what happened at each of our events: NASRS23 in a Nutshell, NAMES23 in a Nutshell, PMWS23 in a Nutshell, EUSCES23 in a Nutshell, NASCES23 in a Nutshell, and NAFS23 in a Nutshell all do a fine job of walking through what happened hour by hour and day by day, but the trouble with summaries is they do not leave a lot of extra room for notes about conversations I had on site, or themes and moods I picked up on that…

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Demonstrating the ROI of FSQ Digitization

One of the great challenges of Food Safety and Quality professionals is connecting what they do to the bottom line of the company, especially when they are advocating for new tools and capabilities. We have discussed this briefly before in an earlier blog post. While FSQ is vital to the success of every business that works with food, it is not a profit generator or a competitive advantage. There is also a natural and deep-seated conservatism in tinkering with what already works among the people responsible for safeguarding what we eat and drink. All this adds up to it being…

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